March 12, 2020

Controlling sensitive keys can be a daunting task for all Security Directors protecting casinos and hotels. Key control and management rank high on the compliance list, and highly sensitive areas requiring security, such as counting rooms and drop boxes in casinos, are accessed and locked down with physical keys.

The MedixSafe KARE cabinet (Key Access Ready Enclosure) gives you control over your keys by limiting access to authorized users only. It also provides an audit trail of who has accessed keys and when. This cost-effective electronic key control solution connects directly to your existing access control system. You can use your own cards and software. And now you can use your phone with our newest Bluetooth reader because KARE – the key control solution of choice for many casinos – is now available with Bluetooth format card readers. This wireless technology enables users to access their KARE cabinets using their mobile devices as their access credential, while still offering the high level of security synonymous with MedixSafe.

KARE is a heavy duty key control cabinet that’s now available in three different technologies to achieve access – HID, Multi-Class and Bluetooth – and a key override is built right into the electronic lock. The KARE reader features a Wiegand output that can be connected to any access control panel. Access to the KARE key cabinet is then controlled by your existing access control database. KARE is available in multiple sizes – the KARE Mini, KARE and KARE XL. Much more than merely a place to store keys, it gives the user control over their keys by limiting access to authorized users only and knowledge of who has accessed keys and when. The benefits of KARE were recently recognized by the Editors of Casino Journal.

We at MedixSafe welcome the opportunity to work with you and extend a free, 30-day trial offer so you can see for yourself why the KARE cabinet is an excellent add-on to your existing access control system. We look forward to hearing from you! For more information, please email us at [email protected] or call 1-855-633-4972.