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MedixSafe is consistently recognized by the various trade industry press as a key leading provider of access and key control solutions.

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CASINOS – Here’s A Key Control Solution You Can Bet On!

March 12, 2020 Controlling sensitive keys can be a daunting task for all Security Directors protecting casinos and hotels. Key control and management rank high on the compliance list, and highly sensitive areas requiring security, such as counting rooms and drop boxes in casinos, are accessed and locked down with physical keys. The MedixSafe KARE cabinet (Key Access Ready Enclosure) gives you control over...

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Electronic Key Control Solutions for Locksmiths

February 23, 2020 MedixSafe’s Key Control Cabinets are an ideal access solution for people across so many industries. Locksmiths rank high on the list, as our Key Care Cabinet is the perfect add-on for locksmiths to specify for customers with many keys to manage. It...

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MedixSafe Makes Mobile Access Easy!

December 18, 2019 Users everywhere will love the fact that we now offer Bluetooth-enabled mobile readers on our Key Control Cabinets! Convenience and Security! This wireless technology enables users to access their KARE cabinets with their mobile devices as their...

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