Welcome to the May edition of our Monthly Tech Tips! 💡

This month, we’re exploring the different types of alerting for your MedixSafe and introducing some exciting features we’re working on for the rest of 2024. Let’s get started:


Different Types of Alerting:

  • How to Receive Alerts:
    • Alert emails can be configured either at an account level or a Group level.
    • Account level emails support 1 email; any Account Administrator can configure this. Tip: we use a specific email that goes to multiple individuals using an Outlook distribution list such as [email protected], however, there are several team members that have access to that distribution list!
    • Each created Group has the flexibility to accommodate up to three email addresses, and these alerts are exclusively for devices within that group.

All alerts promptly trigger an email to the administrators configured in the previous step. Additionally, certain alert situations elicit an auditory response at the safe. Rest assured, all these events are captured on the Access Logs page.​​​​​​


Types of Alerts:

  • Safe Door Held Open: Whenever the safe remains open beyond the configured time, both an auditory alarm and an email notification are activated. You can adjust the timing of this alert through the Configuration menu, specifically under Device Alarm settings, with timing options ranging from 0 seconds (Disabled) to 15 minutes (see image below).
  • Safe Door Unauthorized Open: This alert is activated whenever the safe is detected as opened without a successful authentication preceding it. By default, this alarm is enabled for all Safe devices. Email notifications are sent to the account-wide notification email and the Group email, accompanied by an auditory alarm.
  • Remote Authorize Code Open: Whenever the safe is accessed via a one-time password generated from the web console, an email alert is dispatched to the account admin and relevant group admins. While no auditory alarm is triggered, the email includes the name of the user who generated the emergency access code.

Additionally, alerts can be configured for any instance of safe access, although this necessitates a Webhook setup with a SIEM or app such as Microsoft Teams. Feel free to reach out if you require guidance on setting this up!

We would like to remind everyone that Link 1.6.7 has been released, and updates to Add Device, Group Management, and some UI changes are now available.


Upcoming Features in 2024:

  • Sorting: We will be adding sorting and filtering for User Management and Device Management.
  • User Import (Self-Serve): Import users and their cards/ UserIDs from an Excel file. Note that our BioConnect team can assist you with this today if required but this feature will allow users to do it themselves.
  • Role-Based Two-Credential Authentication: Two-credential authentication currently requires any two users with access to the safe to authenticate. This feature will augment that to look for certain roles for users before granting access to a high-security safe.

If you have any questions or need assistance in configuring your MedixSafe, our support team is here to provide guidance and support. Do not hesitate to reach out to us at [email protected] or call 1-855-368-3743.

Thank you for choosing BioConnect!

– BioConnect Support Team