Narcotic & Key Management Solutions

Cabinets, Safes & Lockers

Narcotics Cabinets & Lockers

Securely storing narcotics and pharmaceuticals has never been more critical. Safeguarding narcotics is Priority 1 for those entrusted to properly dispense them. Our triple security-plus technology® with wireless connection to your network and mobile devices enables you to reliably monitor and track access to the drugs in your facilities and ambulances 24/7. 

Custom Safes

From customized shelving to multi-credential access, offline data management capability and activity logs, our safes offer the security you need with the features you want. Easily connect to your own access control system and operate on your software. We also offer a GS1 Gun Safe secures firearms for police departments as well as private gun owners.

Key Management Solutions

Key Management Systems

Our electronically controlled stand-alone Key Cabinet allows you to not only organize your access keys, but to control them, as well. Multiple credentials or biometric authentication can be used (Fingerprint, PIN and Prox – ID, HID, HID iClass) to ensure your keys are securely stored.

Key Access Enclosures

KARE (Key Access Ready Enclosure) gives you control over your keys by limiting access to authorized users only. It can be connected to any access control panel and accepts 25 kHz Prox cards. It can be managed with your existing access control database and provide you an audit trail of who has accessed keys and when.

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