Key Management Systems

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Key Management Solutions

Key Management Systems

Our electronically controlled stand-alone Key Cabinet allows you to not only organize your access keys, but to control them, as well. It can accommodate over 1,000 individual users. Multiple credentials or biometric attributes can be used to access it (Fingerprint, PIN and Prox – ID, HID, HID iClass). The Key Care Cabinet is accessible via Remote Ethernet Network, features a Manual Key Override, and provides an Audit trail of 50,000 events. Features include: Option for a stand-alone or a networked model; free software and setup support; 48 re-printable key tags, free 30 day trial and money back guarantee. Available in multiple sizes.

Key Access Enclosures

KARE (Key Access Ready Enclosure) gives you control over your keys by limiting access to authorized users only. It also provides an audit trail of who has accessed keys and when. KARE is a heavy duty key control cabinet with an HID format card reader and key override built right into the electronic lock. The reader features a Wiegand output so it can be connected to any access control panel and accept 125 kHz Prox cards. Access to the KARE key cabinet is then controlled by your existing access control database. Available in multiple sizes – check out the KARE Mini, KARE, and KARE XL models.

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