In a big move set to redefine the landscape of first responder solutions, MedixSafe by BioConnect is excited to announce the strategic acquisition of IntelliView (formerly Silent Partner Technologies). This represents a significant step in our commitment to innovation, reinforcing our position as industry leaders dedicated to enhancing the capabilities that matter most to our valued clients.


A Symbiotic Alliance: Narcotic Safes with Intelligent Asset Tracking

Pioneering Progress

Step into a new realm of capability as MedixSafe collaborates with IntelliView, a leading name in intelligent cloud-based RFID Inventory and Asset Management. More than a partnership, this union emphasizes our dedication to streamlining operational efficiency and delivering tailored solutions to our esteemed customers.


Unveiling the Future: Focus on IntelliView

IntelliView: A Glimpse into Advanced Asset Tracking & Inventory Management

IntelliView stands as an intelligent cloud-based RFID Inventory and Asset Management service, removing the complexities of server dependencies and concerns over quarterly updates. This transformative solution empowers agencies to manage operations seamlessly, ensuring a constant state of service readiness.


The Core of IntelliView

Intelligent Cloud-Based RFID Management

  • Streamlined operations with the elimination of additional server concerns.
  • A dedicated professional services team ensures a smooth, turnkey implementation.

Empowering First Responders

  • Redirect focus towards essential community services.
  • Comprehensive management covering inventory control and chain of custody for controlled substances.


Simplicity in Operations

Real-Time Tracking: Maintain vigilance on asset movement in real-time, enhancing awareness of their location and status.

Insights & Reporting: Effortlessly monitor usage and service data, facilitating informed decision-making for budgetary considerations.

Alerting: Receive critical real-time alerts, fortifying the safety and integrity of your assets.

On-the-Go Monitoring: Exercise control over access and data, regardless of location and time.

Inventory Mastery: Assume command over inventory through meticulous tracking of all services performed.

‘Chain of Custody’: Secure controlled substances with an unwavering solution built on trust.


Unlocking Operational Excellence: IntelliView’s Strategic Advantages

  • Effortlessly track specific asset services.
  • Monitor inventory consumption for informed decision-making.
  • Receive real-time alerts for unauthorized access and upcoming calibrations or expirations.
  • Safeguard narcotics and critical assets with a secure solution.


A Legacy of Expertise: 20 Years in the Making

IntelliView symbolizes the culmination of over two decades of field experience. Meticulously crafted, rigorously tested, and refined to perfection, it stands as a beacon of trust and innovation in the realm of first responder technology.

IntelliView stands as a commitment to efficiency, technological advancement, and ultimately, the seamless operation of agencies dedicated to serving their communities. Welcome to the future of inventory and asset management…

Welcome to IntelliView.

Connect with one of our seasoned experts to discover the full potential of our new Intelligent Asset Tracking solution.


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