Inventory Tracking & Asset Management

What is Intelliview?

IntelliView™ is an intelligent cloud-based RFID Inventory and Asset Management service which eliminates the added server requirements and quarterly updates agencies worry about maintaining with their own personnel Our solution helps agencies manage their entire operation and stay service ready from inventory management to meeting chain of custody requirements for controlled substances. With our professional services team, IntelliView delivers turnkey implementation options so our first responders can focus on their critical services to the communities they serve. 


Real-Time Tracking

Monitor the movement of your assets in real-time, ensuring you always know where your valuable resources are located.

Insights & Reporting

Track usage and service data effortlessly with an inventory consumption report to make informed budgeting decisions.


Get critical alerts, such as ‘temperature has exceeded recommended thresholds,” ensuring the safety and integrity of your assets.

On the Go Monitoring

From anywhere, at any time, control access to your narcotics and view comprehensive data.

Inventory Management

Get control over your inventory by tracking all services performed on specific inventory.

‘Chain of Custody’

For controlled substances, pair with our narcotics safes for secure ‘chain of custody’.

Track what services were performed on a specific asset

See how much inventory has been consumed

Real-Time Alerts when unauthorized person or asset enters restricted area

Alerts on upcoming hardware calibration or asset expiration

Secure access to Narcotics and other vital assets with safe solution

Stay Service Ready with Intelliview

Ready to see how you can keep your entire operation service ready with turnkey solutions tailor made for first responders?