Link Software

The BioConnect Link console enables you to manage your users, devices, safes and cabinets.


New Features

‘Door Held Open’ Alerting

Enable alerting anywhere from 1 to 15 minutes after a door has been held open to ensure proper security of your assets. When time is exceeded, the alarm will sound at the device. Available for BioStation 2 only.

‘Door Forced Open’ Alerting

This feature enables an alarm to sound if a door has been forced open to ensure the protection of your assets.

Enhanced Offline Database

Increased redundancy and authentication while offline.

PIN Support

Varying, adaptive levels of authentication.

Access Levels (Groups)

This feature allows you to select a group of users that can access specific devices.

Simplicity and Security

Securely access Link Application through any web browser. No local software required to be managed by your IT personnel. Authorized administrators can access Link remotely – providing level of convenience around reporting / alert management.

Ability to create access groups to manage and secure vehicle safes relative to station safes.

Reporting & Alerting

The Link Solution is built specifically to support EMS Agencies and Fire Departments. Safes equipped with the Link solution continue to work while vehicles are on the road (known as off-line mode). User credentials, alerts and logs are securely managed and automatically synchronized as soon as the vehicle is back in range of data coverage. Audible alerts at the safe can be configured to sound when there is suspicious activity. Ex. a door being held open too long or a door being forced open.

Remote Enrollment

Users can enroll themselves with the BioConnect Mobile App entirely remotely for a quick and easy onboarding. Enrollment takes less than 1 minute to complete and can be done from anywhere. A user will receive an email invitation to download and activate the Mobile App. Upon activation, the user can enroll their face which will then be used as their credential to access your safes and cabinets.

Optional Integration With Your Building Access Control

Link has the ability to integrate with many access control systems used to secure buildings. Integrating into your building’s access control system simplifies process of managing users across multiple systems.

Manage All Access Points

The Link Software can be used for across your entire business – from your safes and server cabinets to your doors. Expand your solution beyond safes to secure access to your facilities – all with one unified solution.


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