Mobile Access App

Our Link Solution for Safes and Keys includes the BioConnect Mobile App to access your safes and key cabinets. The app offers a variety of verification methods, enabling the flexibility to choose how you want to secure your assets.

Key Features


Biometric Access

Use mobile biometric access to provide the highest level of identity assurance – ideally suited as an additional level of security on station safes holding larger quantities of controlled substances.


Easy Activation & Enrollment

Users receive an email invitation to download and activate the BioConnect Mobile App. Enrollment takes seconds to complete and can be done from anywhere.


Simple User Management

Admins can easily control who has access to what safes, when they can access them, and how the user proves their identity (such as a mobile biometric verification).

Access Options

Biometric Verification

Use biometric face authentication to verify your identity right from your mobile device.

Yes/No Approval

Get trusted access by approving or denying access with a mobile push notification.


Use a customizable survey to meet your security, privacy and compliance needs.

3rd Party Applications

Leverage existing 3rd party authenticators that you use for digital access for your safes and cabinets. Authenticators include DUO, Ping ID and Okta.

Solution Components

BioConnect Mobile App

Get the BioConnect Mobile App to secure your safes and cabinets with the latest mobile technologies.

Safe or Cabinet

Choose from our suite of safes and cabinets to find the right fit for your environment needs.

Link Software

A web-based console allowing admins to manage the overall solution – including managing users, access and safes.

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